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At Mark Thomas & Associates, we understand that each workers’ compensation case is different with its own set of unique circumstances.  Whether you have an existing workers’ compensation case or opening a new case, we will do our best to seek proper financial compensation that will help you with medical bills, lost wages, and other necessary living expenses. Every state has its own set of workers’ compensation laws.  We can help you navigate the laws for the state of Georgia and expertly guide you through the process of filing the claims to ensure that the proper forms are filled out correctly an in a timely manner.

Thorough Investigation

Employers can deny the accident and injury occurred in the work place.  Insurance companies may raise objections or accuse the injured of fraud in order to pay out as little as possible or not at all.  As our client, you will have a greater chance of receiving your entitled workers’ compensation benefits than if you pursued the claim on your own.  Our expert workers’ compensation lawyers have amassed an impressive record of compensation awards for industrial employees who have been injured on the job.

In addition, we will also investigate to the furthest degree to help determine if it is necessary to seek additional compensation beyond the benefits provided by your employer in the event someone other than your employer was negligent and responsible for your injuries.

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