Resolution with Peace of Mind

At Mark Thomas & Associates our ultimate goal is to take care of you and give you peace of mind during the emotionally and financially stressful time of dealing with claims and lawsuits.  Our desire is to resolve the case completely and expeditiously so that you and your family can begin to rebuild from tragedy and resume your normal lives.  At times, cases can be difficult to settle through agreement or negotiation between the parties involved.  In these instances, litigation is necessary and the case must be brought before a judge and jury to be decided.

Litigation Process

Our litigation attorneys will conduct an initial case investigation to determine if enough evidence exists to file a lawsuit. The investigation process may include locating witnesses, taking witness statements, gathering documents, interviewing the client and investigating the facts leading to the dispute.  Our attorneys consult with and advise clients and conduct pre-trial conferences to develop a trial strategy based on the facts and evidence.  Based on what is gathered, we will often engage in pre-litigation settlement discussions to try to resolve the matter before a lawsuit is filed.

In the event one must be filed, will draft a summons and complaint to commence the lawsuit.  We will also draft a variety of motions including motions to strike, dismiss, amend or change venue and motions for judgment on the pleadings.

If by chance, the outcome of the trial is not in your favor, at your request, we will make arrangements to appeal the case. Our litigation attorneys draft post-trial motions; identify and preserve issues for appeal; and research and gather evidence to develop appellate strategies.

Mr. Thomas offers clients a wealth of experience in litigation. He has acted as lead counsel in numerous cases at the state and federal court level, as well as for pre-trial proceedings and appeals.

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